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Noninvasive real-time monitor of blood Propofol

IR-MED develops a real-time, noninvasive optical monitoring for determining Propofol blood concentration.
The system includes a set of sensors which are topically attached to the patient skin during anesthesia or sedation and a display .


Noninvasive real-time monitor for diagnosing and defining pressure ulcers
IR-MED develops a noninvasive real-time optical monitoring for preemptive detection and defining between deep tissue injury and stage 1 pressure ulcer by recognizing very early inflammatory processes, as soon as local subcutaneous tissue function is disturbed and cells start to disintegrate by pressure , excreted upon dependent body areas.


Noninvasive detection of otitis media and monitoring treatment
IR-MED develops a breakthrough light based technology for diagnosing, with no touch, middle ear infection and determine composition of the effusion within the middle ear, whether clear fluid or pus, in less than a second. The results can be displayed on an otoscope, help solving the clinical dilemmas regarding middle ear infection which otherwise requires a lengthy laboratory process.


Noninvasive real-time monitor for diagnosing and defining dry eye syndrome
IR-MED develops a breakthrough light based technology for diagnosing, with no touch, dry eye syndrome and defining the individual composition of the tear film and its stability, in just few seconds. For this end, IR-MED measure tear evaporation time and tear film composition without touching the eye globe in a glimpse.



IR-MED develops real time innovative solutions based on patented interface analysis of Infrared light and the human body.

Infrared spectroscopy allows, monitoring of different substances and pharmaceuticals concentration in the blood, as well as detection & identification of different skin lesions and conditions in real time .

IR-MED team of specialists includes engineers, MDs and key opinion leaders from the industry and top universites.

Latest News

Grant from Israel Innovation Authority

IR-MED won a grant from the Israel Innovation Authority .

Round of clinical trials

Propofol clinical trial in Ramabm medical center.
Clinical trials for early detection of Pressure Injuries


Latest News

Ir med participated in Medical Devices / Life Sciences 2017 by Paul Merage institue in Ca, USA

The Leadership Program for Life Sciences Executives focuses on enhancing the company’s ability to operate in the United States and to succeed in the global marketplace. The program is targeted towards Israeli startup companies, from Life Sciences-related industries, including Medical device, Diagnostics and therapeutic companies and pharma companies .

Medical Devices / Life Sciences 2017