Clinical trials

IR MED is running a set of clinical trials in medical centers in Israel, under the approval of the local IRB committee and the approval of the Israeli ministry of health (MOH).

Rambam health care campus - Propofol non invasive monitoring & Early detection of Pressure Injuries

The Propofol Clinical trials we’re performed at the anesthesiology department at Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa. M.D Philippe Abecassis from anesthesiology department is leading the clinical trial. It successfully demonstrated that Propofol blood concentration changes could be followed non-invasively and continuously.
Clinical trials of early detection for pressure injuries are performed in the PACU, Post Anesthesia Care Unit, Rambam health care campus.

LOEWENSTEIN Hospital rehab. center - early detection of Pressure injuries

Loewenstein Hospital rehab center is the largest of its kind in Israel.
IR-MED is running its local IRB approved clinical trial, on 100 patients from different 4 departments at Lowenstein Hospital. The developed unique probe and technology for detection of early signs of DTI are combined with machine learning algorithm with sophisticated classification techniques. The developed device presents the precise results in real time on the computer screen, allowing best decision making by the care givers.